Update and New Addition to My Website

Courtesy of iStock/RichVintage

I’ve added a new page on my website—What I’m Reading. I’m only listing books I’ve personally read and think will be worth your time, and I’ve included a blurb about each book to help you decide. I hope you will click over and take a look.

I love to read. Lately, my reading has taken on an added dimension: helping me become a better writer. An author should be well read so she can stay current on market trends and study other writers’ story structures and writing styles. All of these are good reasons for me to lose myself in a book, then describe for you why the book captured my attention and held it to the end! So, please check the What I’m Reading page often; I will be updating my recommendations regularly.

And speaking of books, I am still writing mine. I have been working on my book for five and a half years! This is a statement I should be able to own with confidence and pride, but I actually find myself offering a list of justifications (at least in my head) when family, friends, and acquaintances ask about my writing. Thoughts like “surely I should be finished by now” make me feel inferior and create a need to justify my timeline—especially considering there are some authors who churn out two to four books a year. (There’s another negative thought fueling my embarrassment.)

I hired a book coach in the summer of 2017. She is in the process of publishing her fourth book and, like me, is considered a slow writer since she only publishes a book a year. The key here (for me) is that she is a published slow writer. I enjoy having a coach that helps me grow not only in my writing, but in the writing process as a whole, and helps me move toward the goal of publishing my novel.

Even though publication remains my goal, I have to constantly remind myself that this is also my individualized journey—one that I will continue to share with you in the hopes that you will pursue your passions right alongside me.

Please continue to connect with me here on my blog, on my website, and/or on my Facebook Author page. I enjoy hearing from you and about your journey.