Angelia Cook has always had a passion for stories, but it’s only been in the last decade that she started devouring books and writing her own. A pivot from education, made possible when she became a work-at-home mom managing the books for her husband’s growing business, oriented Angelia to the writing path she was meant to be on all along.


Ink became a conduit for her deepest thoughts, and she began penning a novel about her biggest fear: navigating life without her husband by her side. Angelia’s debut novel, currently seven years in the making, has challenged her in powerful and meaningful ways. She discusses her writing journey in her Grace and Grit blog.


Angelia lives in rural North Carolina with her husband, Dwayne, and the youngest of their three children. Luckily, her two older sons live close by and still join her and Dwayne for Sunday dinner. When not writing, Angelia can be found taking doting pictures of her two dogs or her cat, planting another flower, gathering chicken eggs, or finding the perfect spot to display another quote in her 1901 farmhouse.


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