That’s Not God

Courtesy of iStock/Boonyachoat

“That’s not God.” She shook her head with conviction.

My friend was going through a gut-wrenching life event and holding onto a belief that brought hope and peace: God doesn’t cause suffering, and God does not delight in pain.

I nodded in agreement with this understanding of God. But still, I wondered why.

Why does God permit cancer to invade bodies?
Why does God let good marriages fall apart?
Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

I’ve always been a seeker—the kid that constantly asked her parents why.

Why do I have to go to bed?
Because you have school in the morning.

Why do I have to go to school?
So you can learn.

Why do I need to learn?
So you can get a job.

I’m sure you get the point. I wanted to know all the facts, and I trusted my parents’ wisdom to provide them. You see, I knew my parents loved me and would always attempt to answer my questions. Even when they were tired and easily grew frustrated with all of my questions, they still answered.

Sometimes, the answer was simply, Because, just because. Not as satisfying of an answer, but still an answer.

God is the same way. I know God to be a loving, good parent that wants to guide me through all of life’s difficult whys. I admired that my friend confidently recognized this about our God. Not only did she know His character, as did I, but my friend was certain about God’s good intentions and believed He would provide.

For me, focusing on God’s character silences the whys because the seeker inside of me finds what I need—certainty in the midst of the uncertainty. When I see the glory of who God truly is, I am provided with an assurance I can rely on when life gets tough.

Easter—Resurrection Day—is the ultimate proof of God’s goodness and love that carries me through the most confusing and painful times in my life. Easter reminds me that our God sacrificed His only son so that we may have the promised hope of tomorrow. Even in the midst of this fallen world. Easter, for me, is reassuring evidence of God’s good and loving character.

Evil, pain, and suffering—that’s not God. Goodness, love, and hope—most certainly, God.

Happy Easter, my friends!